Getting to Know the Area

There are approximately 50 outdoors information boards in Hiedanranta. You can also get to know the area on a mobile tour or a tour by Tampere Tourist Guides in summer.


A simple map indicates the Hiedanranta buildings, roads, companies and services. On a more extensive map, you can also see the access routes.

Hiedanranta map

More extensive map 05/2019

Mobile tour

What happens in the old Hiedanranta buildings and what kinds of operations are ongoing in the area? The Hiedanranta mobile tour provides information on the current use of the buildings paired with history for Tampere residents, tourists and visitors to Hiedanranta. The tour is available on the web browser of your mobile device or computer without a separate application. The tour is available in Finnish and English.

Mobile Tour

Outdoor information boards

You can get to know Hiedanranta on your own with the outdoor information boards. There are 50 information boards and regional maps describing the current operations and pilot projects at Hiedanranta around the area. The Hiedanranta history signs dive deep into the past of the area and individual buildings. You can also take a look at the material created by Mikko Pollari, MA, scholar of history, online.

History of the Buildings

Group visits

Tampere Tourist Guides offer guided tours in Hiedanranta. The tour Hiedanranta – A district of the future full of history introduces visitors to the history and the current use of the area and its buildings. The tour presents the future Hiedanranta district that is planned to become a modern city district of more than 20,000 residents and 10,000 jobs by 2050.

Tour orders:
City of Tampere, Cultural Affairs