According to plans, the Hiedanranta of the future has jobs for 10,000 people. Already now, Hiedanranta is the home to companies that serve visitors of the area and utilise culture and arts as well as technology and the circular economy in their operations. Is Hiedanranta the perfect spot for your business?

Plant factory

Evergreen Farm is developing farming based on a closed cycle and artificial intelligence at Hiedanranta. In the farming system, the seedlings are planted in large cylinder where a nutritional solution flows. The necessary lighting comes from LED lighting fixtures.

Evergreen Farm Oy
Ali Amirlatifi
+358 (0)50 390 3333

Smart Sanitation

The entire sanitation of the Cultural Space Kuivaamo has been executed without water. There are in all 13 dry closets and six water-free urinals. The entity designed by Digi Toilet Systems Oy is a significant pilot on the Nordic scale.
Separating dry closets also enable the recycling of nutrients and consume less water and energy than water closets. The development work that started from Kuivaamo’s dry closets in Hiedanranta will progress to remote controlled and monitored closets. A compost will process solid waste from the closets into fertiliser.

Digi Toilet Systems Oy (DTS)
Raini Kiukas
+358 (0)50 572 2257

Co2 Negative Biochar Plant

Carbofex Oy’s plant produces biochar at Hiedanranta. It can be used as substrate and soil improvement material. Biochar can also be used to filter impurities from soil, water and air. Currently, the plant also produces Co2 negative thermal energy for the district heating network of Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy, and Hiedanranta is the first customer of Co2 negative district heating in Finland.

Carbofex Oy
Sampo Tukiainen
+358 (0)41 593 265

Inventions in Renewable Energy

Operating in Hiedanranta, Polar Night Energy Oy (PNE) develops new energy-wise solutions. The fundamental idea is storing wind and solar energy into sand. The energy can be used to heat the building or be transferred to district heating network. The pilot facility the runs at the maximum capacity of three megawatt-hours and heats the sand up to + 500 degrees celcius. One of the recent innovatios is the peak-load heating plant, which can be utilized during the coldest winter days.

Polar Night Energy Oy
Tommi Eronen

Arts and Crafts at Paja at Hiedanranta

Paja at Hiedanranta is a community of artisans and artists in Tampere. The idea behind its operations is to promote open artisanal culture and offer experiences and services for both nearby residents and tourists alike. At Paja, you can find a glass blower, a smith, musicians, visual artists, cobblers and upholsterers.

Paja at Hiedanranta