Hiedanrannan Kehitys Oy:n tunnus

Take Your Event to Hiedanranta!

Learn about the possibilities and responsibilities, plan your event and fill out the form below preferably a month before your event. If you are not a seasoned event organiser, we recommend you read the City of Tampere’s event planning guide.

As the event organizer, your responsibilities include

  • waste management, permits, licences, security and construction
  • ensuring the event is non-discrimination and respectful to the environment and participants
  • communications and co-operation with the people and organizations of the area, don’t forget to use the Hiedanranta logo
  • starting the event after 9 am and finishing before 10 pm

We are glad to assist you with

  • technical issues (electricity, water etc), venues, permits and licences
  • promoting your event in our media outlets

If your event exceeds 50 participants, you are expected to take care of

  • extra toilets and waste bins
  • water outlets
  • traffic guidance

Useful tips

A map of Hiedanranta event locations

Currently we prefer outdoor events and offer primarily three locations

  • Event park, a lawn area opposite to Lielahti Manor (no stage)
  • Sauna stage, a wooden terrace with a sauna
  • Street art park, a fenced area, gravel bottom

The historical park is to be respected and the trees are not to be used for rigging or construction. In the summer of 2021, the Manor park is recovering from construction and unavailable for events. The manor can be used as a backstage etc. Kuivaamo building can be rented for event use from Kaarikoirat skateboarding association until the end of 2021.

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Arriving to Hiedanranta

Event planning guide

Ready to organise? Please fill out the following form!

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Outdoor locations are accessible by car and electricity can be provided.
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Don’t hesitate to contact!

Hiedanrannan kulttuurikoordinaattori Henni Salo

Henni Salo
044 431 4931

Any questions? Henni coordinates the area’s cultural activities and helps you get started with your event.