Cooperation with educational institutes

Hiedanranta acts as a training and learning environment for educational institutes of different levels and several other training providers in the region. New kinds of opportunities for cooperation are created for operators in different industries at Hiedanranta.

Educational and Institute Cooperation with Tredu

Tampere Vocational College Tredu is the second largest provider of vocational education in Finland. Tredu is a multidisciplinary educator of young people, adults as well as companies and the working life that utilises new teaching technology and virtual learning environments.

Tredu’s goal is to make Hiedanranta a multidisciplinary working life learning environment in the upcoming years. Some of Tredu’s property services education has been relocated to Hiedanranta in cooperation with the City of Tampere’s Employment Services.

Tredu is prepared for long- and short-term cooperation with the operators and developers of Hiedanranta. Potential sectors include masonry, greenery and landscaping, excavation and construction, house painting and wallpapering), restaurant and cafés and entrepreneurship support. Be in touch and let’s discuss working together!

Mika Uronen
Teacher, Tampere Vocational College Tredu
+358 (0)40 711 5439

Sopimusvuori ry – Rehabilitative Work Operations and Social Rehabilitation

Manor Café Mielihyvin, the manor’s estate managers and the office enable the development of professional and social skills in meaningful catering, property services, office and communications tasks. The operations benefit the Hiedanranta community and enable citizens’ daily access and participation at the manor and its yard. Sopimusvuori organises events open to all in collaboration with operators in the area and offers opportunities for volunteer cooperation.

Mari Toivonen
Unit Leader
+358 (0)10 526 6233

Photograph: Laura Vanzo/Visit Tampere

University “Makerspace”

Tampere University operates in Hiedanranta in the upstairs of the Jukola building, for instance, and it is involved in many innovation projects. As of 2021, the bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Urban Development includes practical participation in urban development in Hiedanranta. The degree discusses how to plan a city in a situation in which work, housing, transport and trade are all transforming.

Tampere University’s multidisciplinary SocialBlock research project investigates how smart technology can be utilised for community interaction and increasing the use of shared spaces in an urban environment. The created Nordic Superblock concept is being developed in Hiedanranta in collaboration with the City of Tampere.

Ask about the SocialBlock research project:

Professor Kaisa Väänänen

Dr Markus Laine
Photograph: Laura Vanzo/Visit Tampere

SAWUluova – Rehabilitative Work with Arts

The SAWU Foundation supports and promotes science, art, culture, sports and well-being and aims at decreasing social injustice and exclusion.

The Foundation has nine workshops around Tampere. The workshops offer meaningful things to do for those in rehabilitative work. Workshops provide valuable experiences of working together and social skills that are required when moving to education or working life.

SAWUluova operates in the premises of Lielahti Manor where you can engage in writing, visual arts, arts and crafts and theatre. In the summer, the lakeside scenery of Lake Näsijärvi and the manor setting enable photography and gardening, for instance. You do not require previous experience from the field of the arts to join the workshop, and the members have the opportunity to influence the content of the workshop’s operations.