Hop on the self-driving Robo!

A self-driving vehicle as part of public transport is being piloted in Hiedanranta in Tampere. As of Monday, 28 September, you can hitch a free ride with “Robo” between Paasikiventie and Kuivaamo in Hiedanranta. The route has six stops, and you can call hop on or off the bus on all of them. Due to COVID-19, the maximum group size on the bus is four people.

This is how it works!

1. Use your the Internet browser on your mobile phone or tablet and order a ride from roboride.fi/hiedanranta
2. Step in
3. After the journey, please give feedback as instructed

Robo is in traffic

28 September–10 October

Mon–Fri 8:00–12:00 noon

12 October–7 November

Mon–Sat 13:00–17:00

Group reservations

Pekka Stenman
+358 (0)40 163 7226


Robottiajoneuvon pysäkin tunnus

You can identify a Robo stop from this symbol.

What is the pilot all about?

The pilot is part of the City of Tampere’s Hiedanranta MaaS project where sustainable mobility as a service is developed. The project supported by the European Regional Development Fund also collects experiences for the development of the Hiedanranta district to be constructed.

Data from the pilot, such as driven kilometres, usage times, energy consumption and user volumes, are stored for further development. At the same time, feedback and user experiences are collected.

Your journey is safe

The vehicle operated by Roboride Oy moves at a speed of approximately 20 kilometres an hour and utilises several different technologies for autonomous driving, such as sensors, cameras and radars. These help Robo to drive along the correct route and identify others moving on the road. The vehicle moves autonomously but there is a safety driver in or near the vehicle during the pilot.

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