Hiedanranta Public Sauna

The Public sauna is heated on Wednesday from 5 PM to 8 PM.

If you want to make a reservation, type a message to 0415116853 or email korentoartofficial@gmail.com. The sauna’s maximum capacity is eight persons at a time. The sauna fee of five euros is to be paid directly to the hosts on spot or via MobilePay. The fee will be used to cover maintenance costs. The sauna on unisex, so swimbathing suit is required. Also remember to bring your own drinks, towel and bench cloth. The grill can be used for your own sausages. The sauna can also be reserved for your own group by contacting the hosts.

Most up-to-date information can be found at Instagram @Hiedanrannansauna and on the sauna’s Facebook-page. (In Finnish)

The sauna is located between Lielahti Manor and the old Factory, next to Paja building. The sauna is build on a terrace stage and includes container dressing rooms. It is operated by “saunatontut” (the sauna elves) aka KorentoArt Association, a group of circus people, performance artists and musicians.

The KorentoArt saunatonttu crew
The KorentoArt saunatonttu crew from the left: Erika Ahola, Kaisa Kortesoja, Mona Ratalahti, Matias Salmenaho and Antti-Jussi Kortesoja. The crew also includes Sami Kilpiö and Nelli-Lotta Hietaniemi.