Associations and Communal Activities in Hiedanranta

Paja at Hiedanranta

Paja is a community of artisans and artists in Tampere. The idea behind Paja is to promote open artisanal culture and offer experiences and services for both nearby residents and tourists alike. At Paja, you can find a glass blower, a smith, musicians, visual artists, cobblers and upholsterers.

The community has grown gradually as artisans of different trades have moved their operations to Hiedanranta. Artisans open their doors to the public, showcase their work and have a pop-up café, courses, an art gallery and organise events in and around Paja.

You can also buy their handiwork and works of art to take with you. The doors of Paja are always open to the public even though all operators of Paja may not have established opening hours. Come and say hello – you can book an appointment in advance or step bravely in!

Meet Paja's craftspeople

Pirkanmaan Kaarikoirat – “Ramp Dogs”

Pirkanmaan Kaarikoirat have built Finland’s largest concrete indoor skatepark in Hiedanranta for skate enthusiasts and pros of all ages. The skatepark has also expanded to an outdoor park open to everyone. The purpose of the association is to promote transition skateboarding.

The association operates primarily in the Tampere region but is also interested in promoting transition skating elsewhere in Finland or abroad.
The association aims at creating great premises and atmosphere for its operations in order to promote the mental and physical well-being of the association’s members and others interested in skateboarding.

Photograph: Laura Vanzo/Visit Tampere

Kaarikoirat (IG)

Tampere Photography Association

The purpose of the association is to develop the expertise of its members and bring together photography enthusiasts in Tampere. In company, a solitary activity becomes fun and social.

Photographers of all ages and styles are members of the association, ranging from nature photographers to portrait specialists who shoot with either system cameras or mobile phones. Traditional film photography and black-and-white printing is also done in the association’s darkroom.

Tampere Photography Association