The Hiedanranta City District

The plan is to turn Hiedanranta into a city district of 25,000 residents where daily life is smooth. The tram will run the four kilometer distance from the Centre of Tampere to Hiedanranta in 12 minutes. With an area of 246 hectares, the district will consist of three subareas in the future: Hiedanranta Centre, Lake City and the new Lielahti.

The construction is planned to start in 2024 and the first residents to move in their homes in 2025. Hiedanranta already houses independent culture and activities, and the aim is to preserve these also in the district of the future.


According to plans, the Hiedanranta of the future will have jobs for 10,000 people. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to relocate to the district, and it already houses, among other companies, Carbofex Oy that produces biochar and Co2 negative thermal energy and Evergreen Farm Oy that develops farming based on a closed cycle and artificial intelligence. Artists and artisans work in the Paja building.


Culture and Leisure

The historical manor and mill setting invite to join colourful urban culture. The old Lielahti industrial area has been open to events and activities since 2016. Tens of thousands of people visit the area every year. The Hiedanranta of the future will be the home of flourishing urban culture, doing things together and a wide variety of activities for spare time.



The innovative Hiedanranta is a platform for development. Above all, it serves experiments and projects related to smartness, sustainability and the circular economy. Get to know the development themes and work as well as the current and completed projects and the people involved.


Master Plan is the Starting Point for Planning

The land use master plan for the new Hiedanranta city district was approved by the Tampere City Council on 8 June 2020. The aim is to create a diverse urban structure that combines housing, working, leisure and services.

The master plan presents the structure of the neighbourhood, the traffic networks, the principles of waterways, parks and recreational areas as well as an assessment of the impacts of the plan.

Hiedanranta master plan (PDF)

Interim BREEAM Communities certificate

The City District of the Future and its Subareas

The New Lielahti

Hiedanranta and Lielahti form the regional centre of western Tampere and a significant trade and retail area. The current buildings of Lielahti and the renewing blocks will be intertwined with pleasant public spaces and parks.

Central Park on the eastern side of Lielahti frames the area and offers an opportunity to spend time in nature. Housing will be built along Enqvistinkatu, the blocks north from it and along Lielahdenkatu.

The new Lielahti (PDF)

Hiedanranta Centre

The Hiedanranta Centre will be built on the shore of Lake Näsijärvi, in a hub of different traffic connections and in connection with the historical factory buildings and manor setting. Squares and green areas will add nature and a sense of space to the centre.

Central Park will become a green area covering 9.4 hectares with a stormwater park, plantings, valuable trees and places for playing and relaxing. The Nottback chapel, the graveyard and the historical monument area in the Kraemer park will be incorporated into the park.

Hiedanranta Centre (PDF)

Lake City

Lake City offers experiential housing by water. The area will include different home types from high-rise apartment buildings to terraced houses and townhouses. The blocks will have both open lakeside scenery and sheltered courtyards.

The tram will run through the island, and you can park your car in the garages on the southern side. Lake City will grow into a unique residential area where services are primarily located along the tram route.

The Lake City (pdf)

The Story of Hiedanranta

People have been in Hiedanranta since the Middle Ages. The small Lielahti village grew into a cavalry freehold, from there it became the summer residence of the von Nottbeck family and then a mill area. The City of Tampere bought the district in 2014, which started a completely new chapter in the history of Hiedanranta.

The Story of Hiedanranta

Ilmakuva Hiedanrannan alueesta tehdastoiminnan ajoilta