Tyyppaamo Demo Lab

Converted from an old industrial facility in Hiedanranta, demo lab Tyyppaamo is a free experiment environment of new and sustainable solutions. These are utilised in the construction of municipal engineering in accordance with the principles of circular economy in the Hiedanranta of the future, and maybe even in the construction of the entire district.

In late 2020, the projects being developed at Tyyppamo include seasonal storage of solar power (Polar Night Energy Oy) and robot-assisted farming as part of the KIEPPI project (Meluta Oy), urban farming systems as a service (BLOKGÅRDEN) and creating service concepts for vertical farming equipment suited for small spaces (Netled Oy).

Are you looking for a demo lab for a short-term experiment that promotes sustainable urban life? Bring your equipment to Tyyppaamo!

Tuomas Vanhanen
Project Manager
+358 (0)44 486 3818

Karoliina Tuukkanen
Project Manager, KIEPPI-project
Tampereen kaupunki
041 730 1710

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