Katutaso Store

Hiedanranta Paja’s Katutaso store is open again for the summer. The opening of the shop will be celebrated on Sat 25.5. Welcome! Crafts, art and design – come and see the work of Paja’s artists and artisans.

The shop is open from 25 May to 18 August 2024, Wed-Sat 11am-6pm, Sun 12pm-4pm.

The store is closed during Midsummer from Friday to Sunday, June 21-23.

Paja also offers various workshops during the summer. More information coming.

Paja is a historical building and community in Tampere’s Hiedanranta where you can find artisans and artists of different trades. In the Katutaso store, you can find products from the following companies:

Atelier EW manufactures shoes, bags and other small leather products.

Humbugi Accessories manufactures leather bags, accessories and jewelry based on the circular economy principle.

Upholsterer Tuija Jaakkonen restores and upholsters furniture and sews home interior textiles.

BehDesign manufactures elegant ceramic objects and textile products.

Eija’s weaving boutique makes custom-made carpets and other interior textiles. The boutique also produces hand-dyed threads in small batches.

Aleksi and Meri Korpela illustrate and write children’s books, make visual art, sculptures and graphic design. The fearless Field Mouse is their handiwork.

Rotvalli Art makes photo art with its own raffle style. At the center of art are people and moments.

Taidos Oy produces texts and photos for the needs of artists, organizations and the media.

33way manufactures custom-made shoes using traditional handcraft methods, but occasionally smaller leather works are also produced.

Titta Kallio

Katzstudio produces glass objects blown without a mold and organizes glassblowing courses.

Roihu Glass

Samuli Parkkinen is a multidisciplinary artist and glassblower who mainly produces modern art pieces.