Outdoor Movies in Hiedanranta

Hiedanranta’s Tehdasaukio outdoor summer movie theatre has a unique milieu for watching movies on a summer night in August. There are two film screenings, 8.8. and 9.8. Screenings start at 10:00 p.m. The films are subtitled in English.

Fallen leaves

8.8.2024 10 p.m.
FALLEN LEAVES tells the story of two lonely people who meet each other by chance in the Helsinki night and try to find the first, only, and ultimate love of their lives. Their path towards this honourable goal is clouded by the man’s alcoholism, lost phone numbers, not knowing each other’s names or addresses, and life’s general tendency to place obstacles in the way of those seeking their happiness.

This gentle tragicomedy, previously thought to be lost, is the fourth part of Aki Kaurismäki’s working-class trilogy (Shadows in Paradise, Ariel, and The Match Factory Girl).

English subtitles

Concrete Night

9.8.2024 10 p.m.
Concrete Night is a dream-like odyssey through beautiful Helsinki over the course of one night. The
protagonist of the film is a 14-year-old boy named Simo who is still searching for a sense of self and the
ability to protect himself from his surroundings. He lacks his own identity. Simo and his big brother Ilkka
are the sons of a helpless and unpredictable single mother. Their chaotic home is located deep in the heart
of a concrete jungle in Helsinki. Ilkka has one day of freedom left before starting his prison sentence. The
mother persuades Simo to spend the last night with his brother.

During the course of the day and night spent roaming around Helsinki, the brothers witness incidents they
would rather not see. Vulnerable Simo is not equipped to justify what he sees or delude himself – seeing
things accurately as they are. To him, the unfiltered world seems unbearable. Finally a casual encounter
with a photographer, whose intentions Simo misreads, launches him into blind fear. In the panic-stricken
violence that ensues, Simo finds his missing identity, his true face.

Director Pirjo Honkasalo wrote the film script based on the merciless novel Concrete Night by Pirkko
Saisio, which was published in 1981. The script has been adapted to modern times. The 30-year-old novel
foreshadows life today.

English subtitles