Hiedanranta Street Art Park

Hiedanranta’s new Street Art Park consists of curated artworks, a large collection of legal graffiti walls and urban culture events. Street Art Park’s unique collection of landmark works is constantly developing and renewing itself as street art creators create new works.

Located on the south side of the former factory area of ​​Hiedanranta, the Street Art Park is built around containers. The Street Art Park has approximately 250 meters of freely paintable surface and new training walls, where even beginners can develop their skills and try new techniques.

The free-to-paint walls consist of tinned containers of different lengths, with free space between them and a recycling point for spray cans. Both visible and hidden walls are available, and photography angles have also been taken into account when placing the containers. A larger group can also paint in containers placed one after the other.

It is forbidden to paint over works belonging to Hiedanranta’s street art collection. Painting on surfaces other than those marked for free painting is also prohibited. Let’s respect the work of street artists and let everyone enjoy the commissioned works unharmed. In addition, the old historical buildings of the area are valued and the activity that started in the 19th century is allowed to be seen as an authentic part of Hiedanranta’s story.

Unique commissioned works from domestic and international artists

In June 2024, impressive commissioned works of art from both Finnish and international artists were painted on the large wall surfaces of the Hiedanranta street art park. Large-scale murals reinforce the visual unity and appeal of the area. The works have been realized by Venla Huhtinen, J.P. Köykkä, Viivi “Viv Magia” Vierinen and Zane Prater.

Denver-based visual artist Zane Prater painted the Cygnus Cygnus wall mural in Hiedanranta Factory’s Kuorimo building. The work is an ode to the beauty and nobility of the swan. Although the swan has played a central role in countless stories and legends over the years, and is still the national bird of Finland, Prater wants to depict the swan not as a character or symbol in a human-centered story, but as a vibrant being in a human-centered world. The aim of this work is to depict a swan just like a human being, raise awareness of the presence of another species and remind us how important it is to give space to the world around us.

Viivi “Viv Magia” Vierinen, an internationally active visual artist specialising in street art, painted her work With You on an entrance gate, which is built from containers. In the painting, friends hugging each other gently welcome the viewer to the Hiedanranta area. Around them, Finnish nature has just burst into flower, and the summer day is at its most beautiful. The painting reminds us of the power and warmth of friendship, how important people are to support us in life.

J.P Köykkä is a versatile visual artist who works with painting, drawing, collage, wall painting and installations. On the other side of the entrance gate of the Street Art Park, Köykkä realised the work Continuous Lifefiguration, whose tones, shapes and rhythms form a whole that gives both its creator and the viewer room for interpretation.

Venla Huhtinen is an artist and designer from Helsinki, whose work Potatoes and Herring is an absurd description of a Finnish summer evening in a lake landscape. The work leaves room for the viewer’s imagination to imagine the event and recall their own summer memories. The work was painted in three separate containers along Hiedanraitti.

When you paint in Hiedanranta:

  • Keep the environment clean. Take care of empty spray cans in the collection container reserved for them and other garbage in the garbage.
  • Do not paint anywhere other than on authorised walls. This way you ensure that street art will continue to have authorised places in the area.
  • Consider what you’re painting over. Save the art works that others clearly appreciate and choose another point for your own work.
  • Respect other artists. Don’t mess up other people’s work with tags, and try to completely cover the work below with your own work.
  • Feel free to test on the training wall, where you can paint over everything without worry.