Summer Park Concert in Hiedanranta

Music is played in Hiedanranta’s historic Kartanopuisto in the summer. The area is great for a picnic. Please note that there are no benches. You can bring your own picnic blanket.

Park concerts in summer 2024

Thu 27.6.
6 p.m. Duo Sävy
7 p.m. Donna Lane

Tue 9.7.
6 p.m. Kanzashi
7p.m. XELI

Thu 18.7.
6 p.m. J Mikael
7 p.m. mariAtom

Thu 8.8.
6 p.m. Minna Stenberg
7 p.m. Jäätelökone

Thu 15.8
6 p.m. Samu Peltola
7 p.m. Suhina Kollektiivi

During the summer, The City of Tampere offers around 200 musical events with 150 groups at different venues around Tampere free of charge. Hiedanranta is one of the event locations.

Summer Park Concert Series (Tampere city)