Tampere University

Meet us at Tampere Smart City Week, Box 47

Wednesday 15th June 2022 at 10:15-16:00
Nokia Arena, Kansikatu 3, 33100 Tampere

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10:15-11:15 How to reach carbon neutrality and what business opportunities it provides?

• Towards Zero Carbon Cities – Helena Sarén, Business Finland
• What is missing in the cities’ path to carbon neutrality? – Elina Seppänen, City of Tampere
• Ecosystems as a way for innovation and co-creation – Katri Valkokari and Sanna Öörni, VTT
• What is Resilient Smart City Ecosystem and why to join? – Jaana Hanninen and Tuomas Vanhanen, City of Tampere and Hannu Lepomäki, VTT

11:15 Short break with networking and mingle

11:25-11:55 Inspirational Talks from International Partners

• Challenges and opportunities in the European smart city market – Miguel Mósca, BABLE Smart Cities
• CCCCC – Why and how we can get Citizens, Cities and Companies to Co-create Change – Emilie Christensen, Nordic Edge Cluster and Mads Simonsen, Ducky

12:00 Lunch

13:00-14:00 Results and main findings from Build Environment Transition arena

Tuomas Vanhanen, City of Tampere and Ismo Heimonen, VTT together with
Sirpa Repo, TietoEvry
Jari Kuusisto, Wapice
Jan Mattsson, Schneider Electric
Eero Puurunen, Sitowise

14:00 Short break with networking and mingle

14:15-14:45 Panel discussion: Hiedanranta – How Tampere is aiming for a carbon sink city district

Moderator: Sanna Öörni, VTT

Reijo Väliharju, Hiedanrannan Kehitys Oy (Hiedanranta Development Company)
Jukka Joronen, Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy (Tampere Power Utility)
Juha Kaivonen, City of Tampere

14:45-16:00 Networking and mingle

Aerial photo: Skyfox / Marko Kallio

See also: Main Stage 12:30-12:45, 15th June

Innovating and investing ourselves out of fossil fuels – join our ecosystem

Tuomas Vanhanen, Project manager, Resilient Smart City Solutions Ecosystem, City of Tampere

Additional information

Jaana Hanninen, Project Manager
RECO Project, City of Tampere
+385 40 631 7161

Sanna Öörni
Co-Creation Manager, M. Sc. (tech)
Carbon Neutral Solutions, VTT
+358 40 842 0898