Major road works in Lielahti and Hiedanranta this year at the intersection of Paasikiventie and Enqvistinkatu

Infrastructure and road works in Lielahti and Hiedanranta will require extensive traffic arrangements in the intersection of Paasikiventie and Enqvistinkatu in 2024. The intersection will be redesigned to serve the construction of Hiedanranta and traffic to the future Hiedanranta tram stop. The Paasikiventie junction will be moved 80 metres towards the centre of Tampere. The old railway bridge crossing Paasikiventie will be demolished to make way for the renewal of the junction.

The foot and cycling bridge crossing Paasikiventie will be decommissioned on 29 January 2024

The temporary foot and cycle path across the old railway bridge to Hiedanranta will be closed on Monday 29 January 2024. At the end of 2023, a route towards Hiedanranta was opened from the Paasikiventie underpass via Hiedanraitti.

The bridge will be demolished over the summer – Temporary lanes will be built on Paasikiventie

The foot and cycle path will be closed because the old railway bridge will be demolished over the summer. The northern end of the bridge will be dismantled as early as February. From January onwards, the Tampere Infrastructure Services will build temporary lanes on Paasikiventie for car traffic and a temporary foot and cycle path on the south side of the road, on top of the ridge. The dismantling of the entire bridge will begin in May. The bridge has not been used by train traffic for years, and it has served as a walking and cycling bridge during the construction of Hiedanranta.

New junction with streets and an interchange for tram and bus traffic

The project, which will start in February, will build a new junction for Paasikiventie and Enqvistinkatu and a turning lane for drivers turning from Paasikiventie to Enqvistinkatu from the Ylöjärvi direction. The project will also complete the construction of the Enqvistinkatu extension, the municipal infrastructure of Hiedanranta as well as Possiojankatu and its tram terminal area, which was established in 2023. Hiedanranta will a have a bus and tram interchange station along Possiojankatu and a park-and-ride car park next to it.
On the northern edge of Enqvistinkatu and Possiojankatu, a pavement and cycle path will be built as part of the regional main route, which will connect with the road to be built in Näsisaari.

Traffic arrangements will change as work progresses

Construction on and around Enqvistinkatu started already in October 2023 with Hiedanranta’s municipal infrastructure and the new Possioja stormwater pipe to replace the old flood pipe.

A temporary bypass was built on Enqvistinkatu at the Paasikiventie end. Enqvistinkatu and its bypass can be accessed from the direction of Lielahti, while Sellukatu can be accessed from Paasikiventie towards Lielahti. During the construction, pedestrians and cyclists will be able to use the detours bypassing the site. The traffic arrangements will change over the summer as construction work progresses.

Enqvistinkatu to be completed in 2025

The tram will start running from the city centre to Lentävänniemi in early 2025. After the ground cabling of the power line and the removal of the poles, Enqvistinkatu will be completed in 2025. The street alignment will be built straight to continue towards Possiojankatu and the tram and bus terminal. The construction bypass of Enqvistinkatu will be removed at the same time.

The junction solution now being built is also temporary, as it will eventually need to be renewed to serve the traffic of the new residential area in Hietaniemi once its construction has reached a certain stage. Local detailed planning for the junction started in late 2023.

Original information on the website of the city of Tampere
Map of the Hiedanraitti and the removable pedestrian and bicycle path 13 December 2023 (in Finnish)