Traffic arrangements in Hiedanranta, new walking and cycling route recommended

The section of Tehdaskartanonkatu between the Paja building and the Lielahti manor is undergoing street work from 7 September to 6 October. Existing street structures will be demolished, a new street will be built, and water and sewer lines will be built. Light traffic will have its own fenced route next to the work area.

The parking lots in front of Hiertämö building, known for its large murals, will no longer be available. The manor’s parking lot is recommended instead. Excavation work and other construction will begin at the beginning of week 37. The work does not cause long-term noise nuisance. Dismantling underground structures can cause short-term louder noise, but not in the evenings or on weekends. The work is commissioned by Hiedanrantan Kehitys Oy and the contractor is Turtolan Kaivin Oy.

The recommended route for cycling and walking is south of the Factory

The route on the Paasikiventie side of the factory (marked in green on the map), where there is no car or construction site traffic, is recommended as a walking and cycling route. The connection opened in the summer leads safely to Tehdasaukio and on to Lielahti manor. Tehdaskartanonkatu’s light traffic connection is only intended for those traveling to the property.

The connection between cycling and walking crossing the tracks can also be seen in the video below. Credit: Tiola Visuals

Additional information:

Laura Jussila
Civil Engineering Manager
Hiedanrannan Kahitys Oy
044 351 7309